Kensaye ~ Ness Radio

Who is Kensaye?

One half of his life in Paris, the other half in London, Kensaye is a producer/radiohost/dj/percussionist who keeps going forward by breaking the barriers of convention.

In Production Kensaye has worked with a few artists such as Stacey Epps, Speech Debelle and many more. He also composed the music for 2 award winning documentaries: “Riot from Wrong” & “Clash A Da Tight 1’s”. The latter was put together as a compilation and released in HMV stores. His music also featured in the 2007 BET UK cypher for the Best UK act award.

Kensaye is also currently in the process of finishing his personal project entitled “Back to School”. This project will include artists from across the globe who he met on his many travels, as well as remixes of known songs. The 2nd single “Going With The Flow (Feat. Snoj & Dorsh) is out now, with a video coming soon!

As a Radio Host, Kensaye hosts a radio show on the internet Radio station Ness Radio, (this is now on iPhone app and can be listened to on most digital TV sets in France). Kensaye regularly invites guests to his show, which have included brilliant artists such as Olivier Daysoul & Nikko Gray.

The show can be heard every Friday at 12 pm on Ness Radio.

When Kensaye puts on his DJ Hat, (a recently adopted skill), he has started deejaying in a few remote venues. He also held down the Hip-Hop set at the Ness Radio anniversary at Murano Club in Morocco ( Marrakesh).

Kensaye is also a talented Percussionist and has been beating the drums since the age of 3 years old. A master of the Djembe, and other Afro caribbean percussion he has had the privilege to perform at a few respected venues, such as the Barbican Main Hall, opening for Arrested Development, at the BBC Maida Vale Studios and at the Electric Ballroom for Jesse Boykins iii.

Here’s the video for the 1st single featuring Fino Du Rap.

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