Kofi Amah & Danny Mowe Interview

One cold winters night, myself and fellow Slave2thevibe music head Sharone Knight were wrapping up our coats and heading to the exit (feet pounding, may I add!) after a great night of dancing at “Till Two” in Sway Bar, Holborn. (Shout out to lovely Petite DJ for the invite!!)

Whilst heading out of the club, I strolled passed the usual line up of faces handing out CD’s, flyers, and over priced taxi’s. I took a handful of each politely then jumped in my over priced cab and headed back to Bow. The following morning I popped on one of those mix CD’s in my old skool CD player by my bed and discovered I REALLY liked what I heard… so much so, that I was late to work! I decided to investigate further..and within a couple of weeks had the pleasure of  being sat to lunch with the two lovely guys who made that mix…Kofi Amah & Danny Mowe.


So.. who are Kofi & Danny..and how did they come together?

Danny: I was DJ’in for a while in my youth, but I never really took it that seriously. I was following Kofi on twitter and one day he was tweeting about the fact that he had lost a lot of his music files.

Kofi: Yeah, I was ranting, about it on twitter. Danny was laughing at me about it in his tweets, so I didn’t really like him at first! (the boys laugh)  I had a radio show at uni and it was mix genre but I was trying to push the house element. Danny sent me a mix and said ‘listen to this’.. I really liked it and how it was structured so I asked him to do a 1/2 hr mix to play on the show. The mix went down well and so I asked for another, and another. In Spring 2011 there was a rave at the Uni and we played together live.  At this point we realised our potential and wanted to take it forward. At that time I was very inspired by Karizma and Black Coffee and was focused on a playing out seriously and deciding on  name..

Danny: We spent months thinking and discussing what our DJ alias’s would be. Hours of time on it, and then realised it wasnt about the name, it was about our sound and how serious we were, so stuck with our own names! Then we started emailing radio shows with our mixes and requests for a slot. We started on Ice Cold FM on a Sunday from 8-10. At that time the station was playing a lot of tech and garage. Randomly, soon after Unknown FM got in touch and asked me to play on their show also, I accepted and explained that Kofi would be joining me. We were offered a slot at 12-2am on Tuesday mornings, we accepted but it was a killer for work the next day!

Kofi: Yeah, that was hard going, late nights in the cold on the night bus, times were hard, but it was good still.  The time on Ice Cold taught us well. It was all on CD’s then, we had to work on the pitch, get things just perfect with the CDJ’s. When we moved to Unknown in January 2012 we got our Serato’s and started experimenting and taking it up to the next level.

DannyIce Cold was like our time and that step we had towards creating our sound.


What is the sound of Kofi & Danny?

Kofi: We don’t really have a specific sound, we try to bring all elements of what we like in to our mix.

Danny: Our passion lies with deep & soulful afro but when we mix everything else, along with it.

Kofi: We don’t like to pigeon hole ourselves. A lot of DJ’s do that, which is good and they can perfect themselves, but we don’t want to be predictable. We like to experiment in our mixes, so they sound like radio. We touch on new disco, tech and deep tech and especially in the House of K mixes. It will start with our instant passion and then go deeper and on a journey through genre as the mix progresses.

Danny: The fact that we have a  live vision of a duo and producing as a duo, it helps diversity our sound. We all know what we sound like solo, but as a duo our sound is able to progress.



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