The Poetry of Ritual ~ Emerald Faerie

Slave2thevibe was proud to support artist Fiona Gall at her exhibition in Soho.

Displaying light installations and statement jewellery pieces, Emerald Faerie celebrated the pleasures of rituals and of being surrounded by beautiful objects.

The pop-up exhibition was sponsored by Pernod who presented the classic French absinthe ritual which involved placing a sugar cube on a flat perforated spoon, which rests on the rim of the glass containing a measure or “dose” of absinthe. Iced water is then very slowly dripped on to the sugar cube, which gradually dissolves and drips, along with the water, into the absinthe, causing the green liquor to louche (“loosh”) into an opaque opalescent white as the essential oils precipitate out of the alcoholic solution.



Those same spoons from the ritual featured in Emerald Faerie’s creations, particularly an Art Deco inspired chandelier and a stunning breastplate composed of various recycled materials.

Emerald Faerie’s style has evolved over the years and the most current pieces look more streamlined and modern compared to earlier ones inspired by Art Nouveau.


Each Emerald Faerie creation was accompanied by a large scale photograph depicting a model  wearing a piece of Emerald Faerie jewellery with a light installation in the background.



The team at Slave2thevibe particularly loved the spiked neck collar from the Celeste collection and Cinderella’s Revenge from the same collection, a chandelier that doubled up as precious display  cabinet protecting some gorgeous Terry De Havilland shoes.


Fiona has great presence and a unique talent and these clearly manifest in her social media, cleverly capturing both the glitz and glamour of show previews and the gritty behind the scenes where sweat and hard work come into play.




The Emerald Faerie Soho pop-up exhibition represented the journey of the artist’s evolving style and taste, ranging from the more detailed and vintage Triffid lamps with delicate glass flowers to the more masculine and linear pieces from the last two years from the Celeste collection inspired by Art Deco.

For the full collection of our pictures taken at this exhibition, please visit our gallery page.

Review by Paola Bassanese

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